ra'g bhairav

राग भैरव

Raags are like scales (not really, but it's a good first approximation)

Above you can see the distance between notes on raag Bhairav – Hover on them to hear how they sound (tap once to enable audio)

You can play it on a guitar

The fretboard shows the raag if we begin with the A note (highlighted) on the first string

But we can begin with any note we want, all we need to do is maintain the distance between notes


So pick any note. Count as you proceed. If the number you counted is on this list, then that note belongs to the raag

For example, here's the raag if we use the D on the second string as our root note. Notice how we can also count backwards, and how we can keep counting even after 11 - the raag repeats

You can play it on a piano

You can play it on any instrument, acoustic or electronic, analog or digital. Or if there are no instrument lying around, you can sing it too

Remember, raags are not a recipe but an invitation to create music